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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Exhibition: Palais de Tokyo

This is our third day in Paris. We went to the Musée Galliera in the morning, seeing an exhibition of Jeanne Lanvin's work. She designed a lot of gorgeous dresses, no photo was allowed inside that I did some drawings instead. 


This work looks like is made of 3D printing pen.

18/02/2015 - 17/05/2015
Just like the title, magnetic force is the core of this exhibition. Takis is a great sculptor and inventor. 
This work was the first I saw when I stepped into the space. Each pieces of them are hung down from the ceiling, and held in place by the magnets on the other side of the wall. There is a small gap between them, a magic gap.

And then there is a curve space, several pieces of the following white installation are on the wall. A  big metal needle is hung in the air.According to the rhythm magnetic force, it the wire on the white board, making sounds. Since there are quite a few of the needles, the sounds turn into music in the end.

I really like the forms he used. I may not know their meaning, but I like the every details of them, such as shape, size, proportion, etc. There is nothing wrong with them.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Laniakea: Glaze Test 4

Details and analysis

1. 16 Mar 2015

Front both: No7. 8
Back left: No.5
Back right: No.6

1) No.7

2) No.8

3. No.5

4. No.6

Comparing the effect on pink grog clay and terracotta, the colour came out pretty similar. Only that at the edge of the piece made of grog clay shows grog, forming another layer.

2. 17 Mar 2015

1) NO. 9 & 10

2) three figures

Even the glaze combination 1+5/6 used in No.5,6,7,8 is quite successful, which has an overall unified colour with nice galaxy like details. However, I wonder would there be too much red brown. It is quite obvious that the effect still has a distance from the feeling of cosmos, especially when compare it with the image I found. It is nice to have this reddish colour at some place, but more blue is needed. 

The tests I did that came out in blue were not really ideal. I am going to buy some new glazes and do further improvements. 

Perhaps I can use light to adjust the colour later as well.